“Its worth making the effort”

The following comment was taken from [Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia]

During Robert Kennedy’s long shot campaign for the presidency in 1968 George McGovern introduced him before a South Dakota stump speech by quoting from The Impossible Dream. Afterwards Kennedy questioned whether McGovern thought it was impossible, McGovern said “No I don’t think it’s impossible. I just…wanted the audience to understand it’s worth making the effort – whether you win or lose.” 

The Victorian’s had a saying; “Don’t get ideas above your station.” and similar remarks were common intending to belittle or hold people back. “He’s getting too big for his boots.” All these remarks were intended to keep people down, so that they didn’t make progress.

The only way is up, or we would all remain babies. We develop physically and mentally, and our most effective means of personal and as communities, is through the basic ability to communicate. The most essential means of development is free speech. Yet it is one that is taken so much for granted that we allow the government to control our right to a Free Press, who inform us of events and opinion that influence our daily lives.

The Internet has given the power for ordinary people to publish communications photos, videos, and text on any subject or idea they want to, with little more cost than the time it takes them to produce.

The government and the courts acting outside the authority of the law have imposed gagging orders on individuals acting in what they believed was in the public interest, to communicate warnings against authorities (persons in public office). The information to support the need for warnings, were coming from members of the public, who reported that they have suffered abuse, (usually defrauded) and needed to warn others to beware.

It should be noted that after the “authority” spent a lot of money on legal costs, and after the Courts had consumed costs of the hearing, and the individual who standing up for his right to “Free Speech” found the costs of defending that right expensive. The Court made the gagging order, and order the website to be removed. You may judge for yourself how effective that order was and get more information, google  http://www.solictorsfromhell.co.uk.

Gagging the internet simply changes the rules of publishing once the information is out it stays out. The simplest way to expose wrongs is to make sure you can prove that your information is substantially correct follow the procedure, report your complaint and if its a crime and it is not dealt with why not exercise free speech and warn others? I think its worth making the effort.


About obsesiverights

Retired London Firefighter. Six years service in Army 1962-1968. Joined London Fire Brigade in 1968, retired in 1997 due to service injury. I have experienced criminal conduct of solicitors using the courts processes for the purpose of crime, and found grounds to prove how this progressed to expose serious couruption of Public Authorities.
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