Nigel Cooper Record of case

I have word pressed this record of case for the record cpoied and pasted from face book.

Nigel Cooper
Now lets have a look at a few things.

1. Bailie~Kate taken to the UK, told she was going on holiday.
2. Gail Cooper plays the lovey dovey card for 90 days to try and change jurisdiction.
3. Meanwhile I commence divorce proceeding in Belgium under Belgian law as the whole family were resident in Belgium for 5 years thus did not fall under UK jurisdiction.
4. During the divorce proceeding it is found out that Bailie~Kate had been DE-registered from Belgium? (How I hold the permanent power of attorney) .
5. Divorce papers issued in the UK to the WRONG person, they are issued to Bailie~Kate thus Gail Cooper opens the document to find out that I am going for full custody of Bailie~Kate under Belgian LAW.
6. Blackmail letter from Gail Cooper – I want a letter from the Belgium courts to say I will not be charge with kidnap or you will never see your daughter again ; demands 2000 pounds per month or I will never see Bailie~Kate again.
7. I invoke the Hague….
8. UK refuse under article 13 – I gave my daughter away!!!!!
9. I refuse to accept UK jurisdiction – my rights refused breaching the Magna Carta – Justice Hedley.
10. Lord Thorpe informed of the perversion of justice underway.
11. Belgium judgement rules in my favor and condemns Gail Cooper as INTERNATIONAL FELON. -Child Trafficking.
12. UK refuse to enforce the Judgement – Breach of the Hague Convention.
13. UK refuse me any access to my daughter, revoke my parental rights and grant to Gail Cooper parental rights, breaking the law of private power of attorney.
14. UK orders that I be placed i exile, should I return to the UK I go to prison for upholding the law.
15. Tow people try to locate Bailie~Kate in the UK, both arrested and charged with conspiracy to kidnap.

Now.. Lets look at a few people.

A. Ian Hailes – Sunderland Policeman – personally related to Gail Cooper
B. Joanna Bonnar Sunderland Social Services
C. Amy Robson Sunderland Social Services.
D. Su Kaur – Sunderland Social Services.

E. Stephanie Adams – Solicitor of Williscroft & Co.
F. Graham Langlands – Solicitor
G. Judge Sue Williscroft – Child thief

The big boys…

Lord Chancellor – Chris Grayling 9Executive power holder of the UK)
Lord Thorpe – Ex Head of the Families court
Justice Moylan – perverted the course of Justice
Justice Hedley – Stolen a child, and broke the Magna Carta – Retired to Licestershire.
David Cameron – who’s he then – a puppet of who.


Read next post.. BUT SHARE copy email, print off, make lots of copies and help me to help you.

About obsesiverights

Retired London Firefighter. Six years service in Army 1962-1968. Joined London Fire Brigade in 1968, retired in 1997 due to service injury. I have experienced criminal conduct of solicitors using the courts processes for the purpose of crime, and found grounds to prove how this progressed to expose serious couruption of Public Authorities.
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