The firemen’s Chief Officer-‘Joe’ Milner.

I am proud to have Served from 1968 under CFO Milner throughout his service in the London Fire Brigade. The firemen I know held this man in the highest regard for his outspoken support of firefighters against fierce opposition from the authorities over the pay dispute. This helped to raise the value and status of firemen, and helped end the first national fireman’s strike. Dave Pike’s article is an important record of the life of a Hero.

A retired London Fireman

Joseph ‘Joe’ Milner. CBE. O.St. J. QFSM. London’s Chief Fire Officer. 1970-1976

What made this such a special time for this aspiring young fireman, one serving at Lambeth fire station, is a matter of some conjecture. Maybe it was just the exciting LFB life viewed through the eyes of this twenty-one year old?  A young fireman that was being shown the ropes, and his craft, by the combined experience and wisdom of ordinary people who had chosen the life of a London fireman. Maybe being at a busy fire station helped, but it was also a time of big change. A new ‘Chief’ had brought with him new ways, new ideas. He also brought a fresh new style, one that ordinary fireman seemed to understand and could readily relate too where it really mattered-out on the fire ground. However, it was also a time of considerable wider industrial unrest, even…

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Retired London Firefighter. Six years service in Army 1962-1968. Joined London Fire Brigade in 1968, retired in 1997 due to service injury. I have experienced criminal conduct of solicitors using the courts processes for the purpose of crime, and found grounds to prove how this progressed to expose serious couruption of Public Authorities.
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