Wrongful Arrests & the Usual Suspects

Iain Gould- Actions Against the Police Solicitor

Some of the wrongful arrest claims which I handle arise directly from Police malice i.e the deliberate fabrication of falsehoods in order to justify a person’s arrest, very commonly to cover-up the fact that an officer has over-stepped the mark, lost his temper and assaulted a member of the public (whom he now accuses of having ‘thrown the first punch’).

But other wrongful arrests arise from more indirect acts of Police misconduct – including sloppy investigations, mistaken identity and prejudice/ bias on the part of the Police – all three of which factors I believe played a part in a case which I have recently successfully concluded against Thames Valley Police (TVP).

My client, whom I will identify as Adam Butler, lived in Oxford and had recently fallen out with his brother Jack over a relatively innocuous argument involving an x-box.

Adam had a past criminal conviction for which he…

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Retired London Firefighter. Six years service in Army 1962-1968. Joined London Fire Brigade in 1968, retired in 1997 due to service injury. I have experienced criminal conduct of solicitors using the courts processes for the purpose of crime, and found grounds to prove how this progressed to expose serious couruption of Public Authorities.
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