According to this mornings news the UK government is in denial, The PM refuses to apologise and and insists they have done no wrong.

Leaving aside the morality and legality of forced adoption. The law controls the removal of puppy dogs before they are weaned, the inheritance laws give more rights of property to blood relationships than grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins have to related children. Human rights to parenting are an essential part of what we are, and as basic and necessary as eating drinking and life. The government abuse the rights of one, they abuse the rights of all, it does not take me to tell anyone this is wrong.

The wrongs have come to light because of vigorous internet campaigns. The practice is wrong because it causes harm to innocent people.

The Government denial is a fraud, as determined by law. Because the International Court has made a Judgement against the UK ordering a child Bailie Kaye Cooper to be returned to her legal Guardian (her father) immediately, and the UK government has not complied. Neither have they made arrangements, or any way agreed to comply.

The UK is a party to the Hague Convention and has ratified its agreement to comply with international law. If the UK government is failing or refusing to comply with those agreements it has made in our name it is breaching the trust of the people. This breaks the contract to govern in the name of the people, by breaching it’s trust, it has broken the terms of the rule of law that allows it to govern, and becomes an unlawful dictatorship.

If we take the analogy of a householder, who has three fully trained and trusted guard dogs. Each is given a section of the property to guard. It is expected to guard the property and family members. Now one or the other of these guarddogs instead of guarding the property and the family members, they attack one. The householder decides to ignore it. The family member was harmed and is now scared of dogs, but being under age must submit to the rule of the householder. The guard dogs continue to be fed and cared for, as if nothing happened. Other family members become so affected by this that they no longer feel safe and secure and wonder if the dogs, initially brought in for their own protection will turn again on an innocent family member. This is just how victims of crime and legal abuse feel about the authorities and abuse of law.

The question is how do we as the citizens of a democratic country deal with a government that breaches the trust of the people to govern according to law? A government that decides we must obey it’s laws, but it breaches it’s trust of the people, and breaks it’s oath to govern according to law. It decides for itself what laws it wants to comply with and which it does not. The principle of the separation of powers is dependent upon the integrity of the authorities to administer the powers according to law. If the administration of these powers is corrupted by it’s refusal or failure to govern according to law, it becomes a law unto itself. A dictatorship.

Public inquiries are controlled by powers who’s interests will be affected by the decisions or judgements they make. There is no facility for a grand jury. The law needs to be enforced but the authority with the power to enforce the law is corrupted so it does nothing, it can’t be trusted. We only have resource to our members of Parliament, and they must hold the authorities to account. The Prime Minister only governs because he was elected to do so. He is held to account overall by the support of MP’s, If our MP’s do not support the people then we must vote for others that will.

The Law strictly enforced must hold the highest authorities to account. Whosoever breaches their oath of office is guilty of maladministration in public office. An Oath of office cannot be breached without intent. This makes the offense criminal under English Law. We have documentary proof of the failure or refusal of the UK Prime Minister to comply with an International Court Order every citizen that is aware of this court order and does nothing or remains silent is a party to the UK government’s offense against international law.

We have elections due soon, and the issue is not just one of families and forced adoptions, that is just one of the wrongs committed by a seriously defective government. We have seen the trust break down in the local authorities, NHS, the Police, the IPCC, and throughout the legal system, it extends to Banks, and has even made us question the legality of our involvements in war.

In attempts to silence dissent the government draws in the red herring that the “Privacy Laws” are being brought in to protect vulnerable citizens. The real reason is to control freedom of the Press. Blame the press and bring the controls over what can be published openly in National Papers. This has had the effect of gagging the press about the forced adoptions, and the International Court Order that found the UK guilty of “child stealing”. How could this be silenced from UK press and TV, when it had been virile on the internet and the Belgium news media.

We had what is a national scandal in the European Press making the UK out as nothing less than criminals, putting the UK government and it’s citizens to shame, and our national press stays silent.

Why has the UK gone silent? Because it does not want us to know. “What we don’t know can’t hurt us”. If you believe that you will believe anything. What we don’t know, does hurt. In the case of criminals, fraudsters are the obvious example, but the same principle applies to all criminals, and that is, it is not so much the evidence you do see, that catches them out, it is the evidence that has been concealed, or that we don’t see that finds them out.

Once a government silences the press it can then “approve” the information that does go public. They are concealing facts now just as they did in Australia, but the Australian government came clean apologised and is putting the matter right. But none of that has happened here. The UK government has done no wrong, and this must be true because the PM said so.

The “Free Press” is silent. So we become ignorant know nothings, happy in our ignorance, while our citizens are abused. We remain happy in our ignorance, until when it happens to us! Then, and only then, we wise up, but to no avail because everyone else remains happy in their ignorance and don’t want to spoil things.

In life we are told there are three types of people; Those that Make things Happen; Those that Watch things Happen; and those who Wonder What Happened. If we want things to change we must Make it happen.

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  1. WELL DONE to set up the greatest WordPress site!

    Let’s help each other to stand up for Rights – even though it seems VERY difficult indeed – especially in secret family courts…

    With sighs and hopes,

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