Judicial Corruption Betrays Democracy


Family Court greed is out of control Yes!

However this is wider and deeper than just the Family Courts!

Judicial corruption is a betrayal of Democracy itself. The Judiciary administer justice without the authority of law. They have fabricated a law giving themselves immunity from prosecution, This encroached the independence of the Legislators as it artificially and unlawfully created laws which were the exclusive province of the legislators.

Recognise that the corruption is in plain sight, and that these legal failings breach of trust of the UK citizens, and created other victims of crime and legal abuse.

Families robbed of their children is just one of the symptoms contributing to the sign of the extent of the corruption within our legal system, that was once held to be the envy of the world.

To understand the significance or meanings of these signs we must gather together all the symptoms and examine them. This will provide a complete sign indicating the cause of the infection.

Example; The investigation into the cause of the fire, caused the investigators to gather all the evidence together, and establish, that the cause of the fire. The symptoms or clues; a bullseye glass pane set into the door, the time, weather conditions, direction of the sunlight, combustible material left in the hallway of the building. Conclusion; Fire; caused by heat from midday sunlight, directed on and magnified through bullseye glass, focused on combustible material left in the hallway, created ignition which started the fire.

Whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth” [Sherlock Holmes]

The English legal system has been duplicated throughout the old British Empire, and this has meant that the legal system in other former  British colonies may be affected in the same way as the UK.

There is documented evidence to show that Judiciary exceeded its authority so often that the phrase “Judge made law” to describe precedent, has been assumed to be lawful. This principle is accepted into common law so similar cases would be decided in the same way. The integrity of the principle of “Judge made law” is generally accepted as legal precedent.

A Principle is a fundamental truth or proposition and as a truth. It is and must remain inviolate. As soon as an accepted principle is violated it is no longer valid. Any organisation that includes a principle must hold it sacred, or lose trust and confidence.

This principle of is based upon the Judge interpreting the law in a particular case in accordance with what the legislators intended it to mean. Over time as the legislators abolished old Acts of law and introduced new legislation. The evidence in court documents show that the integrity of these “Judge made law’s” or precedents have been corrupted. This has created a loophole where judges have seized upon the opportunity to make the law mean what they want it to mean, rather than what the legislators intended it to mean.

Put simply it is a corrupted principle. Sometimes it will be applied in accordance with the law and honest precedent, and at other times it will fail through, fraud error or mistake. But in all cases it will be acted upon as if it were law.

The clearest evidence of abuse by the Judiciary of Statutory legislation is the UK refusal or failure to comply with International law, in the case of Bailie Kate Cooper. This blatant contempt of the law by UK Judiciary is evidence that the Judiciary have failed or refused to administer justice according to law. This refusal or failure demonstrates that the Judiciary have broken their Oath of allegiance and Oath of Office.

As the power to administer justice is granted under contract of Oath, and the Judiciary have breached the Oath, the contract is broken and they do not have the lawful authority to continue in their office. When they continue in office as administers of justice they are acting in breach of Oath and without lawful authority.  I have reviewed all the evidence that has come to me, and find that; “when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth”. 

I obliged to form my own conclusion drawn from my own experience of Judicial conduct and the documentary evidence contained in copies of correspondence and court papers, that the Judiciary have breached the duty of trust and are unfit, and legally unable to administer justice according to law. Because they have breached the Oath of office and have lost the authority of law.


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