The importance of remaining Focused or Keeping your Head while all around you are losing theirs.


The truth brings out a can of worms and exposes the fallibility of mankind. I note the change of direction and whistle blowing made by Nigel Cooper an Officer having  served in the armed forces. These matters had been kept secret because of a sense of duty to the service in which this officer served, and participated in. Now because the Judiciary and the government have failed or refused to comply with the Law, Nigel Cooper has decided to make these matters known. I do not doubt that it was wrong for the UK to go to War, as this war was avoidable.


This change of direction is time and energy wasted. Leaving aside the facts that “Silence is consent” and on the whole whether we were misled or not, we did not all come out in a “National Protest” and few if any protested by writing a letter to our MP, we chose instead to remain silent. Whether we like it or not by remaining silent, we as a Nation agreed to participate in this war. Your exposure of material that exposes that war is a dirty business is not a secret, neither does it expose anything we could not have guessed. The aim of participants in a war is to win. There are the rules of war… but these rules… are broken by both sides. The “Winner” is the judge.


The matter of the refusal or failure or refusal of the UK, to comply with the International Court Order is the focus of attention as the offence is; Human Trafficking and it exposed the certain and undeniable crime and legal abuse by the highest judicial authority in the UK. We have Laws and they must be obeyed or else we in the UK lose the protection of the State and are subjected to the tyranny of corrupt Judiciary. I urge you to focus on the facts, sufficient evidence in the letter from the Belgium Judge to expose the obvious intentional legal abuse of the English judges that expose their communications as an intent to obstruct Justice.


You are in my view a very intelligent man, that has been so emotionally harmed over many years by your own conflict of conscience and the effect of your personal and business dealings. Record your concerns by all means, but focus the main thrust of your knowledge and energy on the enforcement of the International Court Order which will maintain the moral high ground, by exposing and prosecuting the individuals concerned.


I know you are really normally a very strong person emotionally you have to be to have kept your sanity throughout all you have been through, and most importantly you have right, and an ICO on your side,…. So just think —- despite everything your only possible transgression is that you have digressed from the enforcement of the ICO and your outburst is a reaction to your loyalty being betrayed.


By diverting your energies in this way you have given a reprieve to all those involved with the taking of your daughter. They must be rubbing their hands with delight. They believe that at last , and despite you saying you will never give up, they will believe you have given up. Do not focus on how you feel and the wrong that has been done to you …..- focus on how they must feel — they felt secure and confident with the English Court Order, where it looked to them as though you were beaten (and all that time they knew they had done wrong, they know the authority of the ICO and the International Scandal that ensued, keep up this pressure these people do not have the Law on their side they do not have the level of support you have on your side….. and you will get some idea of the pressure they are all under.


Further action you could take is to give a reminder feedback to Belgium News telling them that the UK continues to hold your daughter and despite UK Judges pleading with the Belgium Judge to “interfere with International Law” thanks to “Belgium Justice the Order still stands. Perhaps ask where does Belgium stand when British Courts ignore its authority – particularly as the HM Court and Tribunal Service inform their public…. “That neither I nor government ministers can comment on or intervene in cases that are or have been before the courts, whether here or abroad. This is necessary both to maintain the key constitutional principle that the judiciary is independent of government and to ensure that the UK respects the role of the courts in other countries.” I’m sure you will have a better way of putting it, and that Belgium citizens should be outraged.

About obsesiverights

Retired London Firefighter. Six years service in Army 1962-1968. Joined London Fire Brigade in 1968, retired in 1997 due to service injury. I have experienced criminal conduct of solicitors using the courts processes for the purpose of crime, and found grounds to prove how this progressed to expose serious couruption of Public Authorities.
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